Rhadinosticta simplex - Powdered Wiretail

Male identification: A thin wire-tailed damselfy with a very long abdomen that extends well beyond the wing-tips. Eyes green. Narrow reddish antehumeral stripe and some narrow broken pale markings on the side of the thorax. The abdomen is all dark above with distinct pale sides.

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Female identification: Very similar to male but slightly thicker-bodied.

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Similar species: Unlike other damselflies except perhaps for S. weyersii which is more robust and colourful with heavy orange markings on the top of the thorax.

Behaviour: Weak fluttery flight often in shaded areas around vegetation hanging over stream edge, such as black wattle. Groups of males can be found perching relatively high up above water.

Distribution: Margins of rivers in the lowlands of southern Victoria, below about 400m.

Australian State distribution (from CSIRO Entomology)

Habitat: Lightly wooded river-side vegetation.

Status: Common and localised

Flight period: December to April